School Closings


Check our District homepage or your school's homepage for announcements regarding school closings or delayed openings.

In case of inclement weather or a mechanical breakdown, schools may need to be closed for the day.  You may check this website for information about delayed openings or school closings.  Notification to residents is as follows:

  • Radio stations 1160 WVNJ, 880 WCBS and television station News 12 NJ will announce emergency closings beginning at 6:30 AM.  Also, on occasion, an announcement will be made the night before.
  • Check the District web site ( after 7:00 AM for a posted message about school closings.
  • If serious weather conditions develop, we may need to close school early.  Please be sure your child's school has an emergency number which we can use if school is closed early.  It is extremely important that your child knows exactly where they are to go or what to do if school should be closed early do to an emergency situation.
  • The District will utilize its Reverse 911 notification system to alert parents of school closings.  If there is inclement weather and, the Reverse 911 alert systems has not operated, parents should visit to determine if schools are closed.   
  • Delayed Opening - Valley Middle School will open at 10:00 AM, and the elementary schools will open at 10:30 AM.  Please do not send or bring your children to school before this time.  Once the students in Grades 1-8 arrive they will be dismissed at the regular dismissal time.  Click here for specific Delayed Opening procedures.

Use your judgment as a parent regarding safety in your area.  Your decision whether your child should remain at home will always be accepted by our school officials on inclement days.  Your understanding and support will be appreciated.

NOTE: Please do not call Police Headquarters regarding school closings.  This ties up police lines and interferes with police operations.