• Free and Reduced Lunch Applications 2019/2020

    For your convenience, we have an electronic version of the Free and Reduced Lunch Application in English and Spanish for the 2019/2020 school year.
    Please download and complete the fillable application, and send the completed copy to your child's school.  
    Applications and instructions for Free and Reduced Lunch (in English) 
    - Click here for the parent letter and instructions
    - Click here for the application 
    Click here for the sharing information form 
    Aplicación  e  instrucciones para Almuerzos gratis y reducidos (en Español)
    - Haga clic aqui para las instrucciones y la carta de los padres
    - Haga clic aqui para la aplicación 
    Haga clic aqui para la forma de compartir información