Board Members

    • Welcome to The Oakland Board of Education

      The Oakland Board of Education is comprised of five elected members, a Board Secretary and the Superintendent of Schools. By law, only the five elected members are eligible to vote. Each elected member serves a three-year term.

      The work of the Board of Education is to establish policies under which the school district operates: members then develop the budget to do so. This budget is presented to residents every year at a public meeting. The registered voters have the opportunity in April to elect their Board representatives and accept or reject the proposed budget.

      To be eligible to run for a Board seat, a resident must be a citizen of the U.S., at least 18 years of age, a District resident for at least one year, and a registered voter in the district.

      Membership on a local school board demands a great deal of time and commitment. After all, the School Board is in charge of providing oversight of one of the largest businesses in the community. By accepting this responsibility, trustees agree to attend monthly meetings and work sessions and to keep informed about the numerous issues on which decisions are made.

      Board of Education members are not employees of the school district. They are volunteers who have chosen shaping of the educational future of children as their way of serving the community in which they live.

      Generally, the Board of Education meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. Click here to view a listing of upcoming meeting dates. These are, however, subject to change.

      Elected Members of the Board of Education:


      President                 - Peter Mazzilli       201-337-6156       (elected three-year term - 2021/2024)

      Vice President        - John A. Scerbo   201-337-6156       (elected three-year term - 2020/2023) 

      Member                   - Lisa Cooper        201-337-6156       (elected three-year term - 2021/2024)

      Member                   - Carita Shelkin     201-337-6156       (elected three-year term - 2022/2025)

      Member                   - Teresa Kilday    201-337-6156        (elected to complete Mr. Gaffney's term through 2023)