• Notes for Home: Please check your child's "Notes Home" folder for any important notices and announcements each day.

    Reading: Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each night, and complete their Home Reading Log. Reading Responses on Google Classroom due every Friday.

    Spelling: Spelling workbook pages for the current unit due each Thursday.  Post test on Friday.

    Math:  Because students switch classes for math, and often differentiated homework is given to children in the same class, the best place to look for math homework is your child's agenda.

    Friday Folder:  Please sign these weekly to review your child's work.

    *Please Note:  The information on this website is subject to change.  I will try to update this page as frequently as possible, but your child's agenda is the best place to check for all homework assignments.  If your child has a different teacher for another subject area, please refer to their site for homework.