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    Week of 4/1:  Unit 25- Suffixes: -or, -er, -ist

    Week of 4/8:  Spring Break

    Week of 4/15: Unit 26- regular and irregular plurals

    Week of 4/22: Unit 27- Prefixes: bi-, mid-, semi, tri-

    Week of 4/29: Unit 28- Complex Consonant: Soft G

    Reading- Book Clubs

    Math-  Line Plots, Bar Graphs, Elapsed Time

    Writing- Literary Essays





    Week of 3/4:  Unit 21- Endings: -en, -ize

    Week of 3/11: Unit 22- Compound Words

    Week of 3/18: Unit 23- Commonly Confused Terms

    Week of 3/25: Unit 24- Review of Units 19-23

    Reading- Book Clubs

    Math-  Fractions- multiplying and dividing

    Writing- Grammar



    Week of 2/4:  Unit 18- Review of Units 13-17

    Week of 2/11: Unit 19- Consonant Changes

    Week of 2/18: vacation week

    Week of 2/25: Unit 20- prefixes: dis-, im-, in-, non-, un-

    Reading- Non-Fiction Unit

    Math-  Fractions- adding and subtracting

    Writing- Informational Articles



    Week of 1/1: no spelling this week

    Week of 1/7: Unit 14- vowel dipthongs: oi, oy, oi, ow

    Week of 1/14: Unit 15- prefixes: pre-, re-, post-, co-

    Week of 1/21: Unit 16- suffixes: -er, -est, -ed, -ing

    Week of 1/28: Unit 17- consonant sounds: /k/ and /s/

    Reading- Non-Fiction Unit

    Math-  Decimals- multiplying and dividing

    Writing- Informational Articles



    Week of 12/3: Unit 11- r controlled vowels: ar, spelled ar, are, and air

    Week of 12/10: Unit 12- review of units  7-11

    Week of 12/17: Unit 13- r controlled vowels: or and ir, spelled or, ar, eer, er, ear, ier

    Reading- Non-Fiction Unit

    Math-  Decimals- rounding, adding, subtracting

    Writing- Informational Articles