Ms. Brogan Grade 5 Language Arts


    Our first writing unit is designed to strengthen personal narrative writing. Students will build strong writing habits while crafting a personal narrative. They will pay close attention to elaboration through detail and description, traveling slowly over the ideas of their topic, grounding the writing in a wealth of specificity, and returning to important sections to tell them in a bit-by-bit way. Students will write with purpose and develop their author's voice throughout this process.


    In the area of grammar, students will be identifying different types of sentences as well as determining proper punctuation at the end of a sentence. We will also be routinely focusing on language conventions such as proper punctuation, parts of speech, and writing proper sentences.








    Please complete one activity page per night. The spelling practice pages are intended to allow the students an opportunity to practice their spelling words, along with grammar skills throughout the week.



    Spelling Test Friday!







                                                              **  I am available for extra help on Thursday afternoons**

                                          If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at brogan@oaklandschoolsnj.org