• Second Grade Homework:
     The second grade team assigns 10-20 minutes of homework each night.  In
    addition, students are asked to try to read  each night for 20 minutes. The
    homework is a reinforcement of skills already taught.  We would like each
    student to attempt the homework first.  If the student seeks support, we fully
    encourage parents/guardians to get involved.  If a parent feels the child is
    struggling with the skills or concepts, please notify the teacher by personal
    note.  Extra support is always available and welcome.  
    Homework is given daily:  
    Reading calendars are due on  Fridays
    Vocabulary is given Monday -Thursday
    Math is given Monday . - Thursday:worksheet
    Science or Social Studies:occasionally 
     Tests for Spelling are every Friday or every other Friday.  Math tests are unannounced and based on the strategies and skills the students are learning .
    Extra help is offered on Wednesdays at 8;20.  I will "invite " students who I feel would benefit from the time.  Any student who wishes to come must have a note from home giving permission. All are welcome!
      All tests will be sent home.. Please sign and return to school the
    next day.