• Homework - Beginning at the end of September/Early October

    Please check your child's folder every day for imporant handouts and daily homework. On Monday through Thursday, your child will have a language arts page and a mathematics page.  Homework should be kept in their take-home folders and returned the next day. On days where your child does not have a language arts page, please review letters and sight words.  Thank you for your help, and please email me if you have any questions! 

    In addition to homework, please read, read, read with your child every day!  This will help introduce concepts of print with your child as well as create a thirst and love for reading with your child that will follow them throughout their lives! Please read at least one book a day, or have your child read you one book a day.  In kindergarten, it is okay if your child is not reading the words yet. Have your child focus on reading the pictures and telling you what they think the words say! Additionally, you can have your child hunt for letters and words that they know in the book if they are not yet reading. Thank you for all of your help and support in this! 


    **If homework is becoming frustrational, is too tricky, or is too much for your child, you do not have to complete it that night. Please leave a note with the unfinished work or email me, and we will work together to see what works best with your child.  Alternate activites can also be playing games that practice similar skills that you may already have at home!**