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    Unit 1- We Are Readers!



    Unit 1- Launching the Writing Workshop


    Word Work:

    Green: previously taught      Red: currently studying     Black: upcoming word study

    Unit 1-

    Letters & Sounds: We are beginning to explore our letters/letter sounds! Please review letters/sounds with your child at home.  For vowels, we state the long and short sound that they make. This is essential for later in the year when we begin to stretch out our words to determine the beginning, middle, and ending sounds. We remind our students to stretch out the word and say it in slow-motion and to stretch it out like a rubber band to hear all of the sounds! 

    Previously Taught Letters: 

    This Week's Letters:

    Upcoming Letters: 

    Sight Words: Sight words are essential to reading.  Sight words are the high-frequency words that occur most often in books.  They often cannot be sounded out, and knowing these words in a snap helps build a reader's confidence and love for reading.  I will send home flash cards that your child is practicing every friday for you to continue practice at home.  Please send in the flash cards on Wednesday for them to be updated regularly! Sight words are learned on an individual basis based on readiness, and your child may have different words than are taught as a group in class! We are trying to build strong, confident readers, and we would like to minimize frustration as that could create negative feelings towards reading now and in the future! 

    Previously Taught Sight Words:

    List A: I, am, the, me, a, can, my, at, in, an, to, is, go, like, on, so, we, it, and, up, see, he, do, you, no 

    This Week's Sight Words: 

    Upcoming Sight Words:



    Chapter 1- Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0-5