• Current Units of Study 


    Unit 5- Growing Expertise in Little Books Nonfiction Reading 


    Unit 4- Persuasive Writing of All Kinds 

    Word Work:

    Unit 2- Rhyme and Rhythm of  Words; The Music in Our Hearts!

    Letters & Sounds: We have taught all of our letters and sounds! Please review letters/sounds with your child at home.  We are beginning to stretch out our words to determine the beginning, middle, and ending sounds. We remind them to stretch out the word and say it in slow-motion and to stretch it out like a rubber band! 

    Word Work: We are beginning to review digraphs, consonant blends, and word families. 

    Green: previously taught      Red: currently studying     Black: upcoming word study

    Digraphs: sh, ch, th

    Blends: bl, cl, -ing, dr

    Word Families: -at, -ig, -op, -ug

    Previously Taught Sight Words:

    List 1: I, am, the, me, a, can, my, at, in, an, to, is, go, like, on, so, we, it, and, up, see, he, do, you, no

    List 2: went, are, this, look, for, get, come, got, play, was, had, they, come, got, play, was, had, they, will, too, all, as, ball

    This Week's Sight Words: by, day 

    Upcoming Sight Words: did, has, her, him, fun


    Unit 3- Geometry Part 1

    Vocabulary: flat shapes, solid shapes, circle, triangle, rectangle, square, hexagon, cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional

    Science/Social Studies: