• Good Morning!

    Today is Friday and that means we have a guest reader to share a story with us. I am so excited to have Ms. Candelmo read the story The Icky Sticky Frog by Dawn Bentley. It is one of my favorite books.  Be sure to listen carefully because this book has a fun surprise ending.
    I have attached some fun activities for you to do after you listen to the read aloud.  
    1.Frog Hat.   Let's all pretend to be the Icky Sticky Frog. You can color (or paint) the frog template I provided.  Be sure to color the frog's face and the headband on the top of the page. There is a small rectangle you can cut out and color both sides red. This is going to be the frog's sticky tongue.  Once all the pieces are colored and cut out you can curl the tongue with a pencil and put the frog together. 
    2.Movement: The Bossy Frog   
    3. Frog puzzle cut and paste:  Have your child cut along the dotted line to make puzzle pieces. I would encourage you to let your child cut until it becomes frustrating for them, then you can help them cut the remainder. It would be beneficial if your child could cut at least four strips. Once the pieces are apart have your child glue the pieces on a separate piece of paper and color.  If you do not have access to a printer you or your child can draw a simple frog and lightly place pencil lines as a guide as to where to cut. 
    4. Number Trace:  Have your child trace the numbers with a pencil or marker. If you would like to make this activity one that can be practiced repeatedly, you can put the printed worksheet in a big ziploc bag and use a dry erase marker to trace.  As an extended activity, hold up  some fingers on your hands. Have your child count the fingers and trace the corresponding number. 
         (I have received emails from several of you expressing some frustration in working with proper pencil position when coloring or writing. I have included a brief tutorial to help support you)
    I hope you enjoy the story! Thank you again Ms. Candelmo.  Let's hop to it!
    Mrs. Fiore


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