Weekly Activities

    Google Meet


    Please join us, if you can, for a google meet from 10:30-10:40. 

    Neenan: https://meet.google.com/uye-xetf-ora

    Pobanz: https://meet.google.com/rtg-szkx-fci

    Kiraly: https://meet.google.com/opb-hmmf-pbs


    1. Have students go to www.readworks.org/student

    2. Enter class code 

    Neenan Class Code: SSZ4NA

    Pobanz Class Code: 3WXLT4

    Kiraly Class Code: 6QEJFQ

    3. Password is: 1234 

    4. Click on assignments and find this week’s story

    Weekly Stories: 

    1. Mommy’s Gonna Love It 

    2. Bobby Gets A Doggy

    Read the story and answer comprehension questions


    This week we will continue working on our fictional writing pieces. Since your writing folders are at school, we have some fun online resources for you to use! 

    Important Things to Remember for Fiction Writing

    *Create a realistic character

    *Create a realistic problem 

    *Your problem should become worse throughout your story

    *Create a realistic solution 

    *Find a quiet spot to complete your writing

    Here is the link for the online resources: 

    Realistic Fiction Resources

    You can either complete your writing in google slides, print the slides out to complete on paper or just use regular paper.

    PLEASE SAVE YOUR OWN COPY if you want to complete in google slides. 

    Please allow students to work at their own pace. Encourage them to complete their writing on their own. This should not all be completed in one or two days. We typically work on the same writing unit for 4-6 weeks. 

    Once they finish their story, please send all brainstorming pages and completed writing pieces to their teacher. We can’t wait to read your realistic stories!


                                                      Think Central 

    Complete 2 lessons (5.3 and 5.4)

    Complete all assignments for Lesson 5.3 first, then 5.4.

    All assignments are listed in student “Things to Do” tab on ThinkCentral. It includes extra practice pages as well as videos to watch to help explain the lesson better. Please print out workbook pages if able to, otherwise write on a piece of paper to complete.

    To log onto Thinkcentral.com:

    Username: 6DigitIDNumber

    Password: 6DigitIDNumber 

    *Optional: Family Fact Fun*

    Use a deck of cards to practice math facts with a family member. Please practice addition and subtraction. On a piece of paper or in a learning log, write 10 problems that you practiced.


    What do Living Things Need?

    Students will need to log onto Discoveryed.com using their username and password. 

    Username: Initials6digitIDnumber 

    Password: science 

    In the assignments section will be an assignment labeled “What do Living Things Need?” 

    Students should read and complete the Engage and Explore sections only and make sure to “submit” any of the questions they do along the way. This way we can see their responses on our end. 

    Here is the link: DiscoveryEd

    *Extra: Go on a Matter Scavenger Hunt!*

    Make a chart labeled “solids, liquids, gases” and record some examples (pictures/words) you find on your hunt! When you’re done, share a picture of your list with me in an email! Can’t wait to see what you find! 


    Please continue to choose a music, P.E. or art activity from the packet. 


     Choice Boards

    Students can choose 1-2 activities each week from the attached choice board we will be emailing to you.