The Oakland Public Schools

A Learning Community Committed To Excellence!

Jennifer M. Zimmerle, Director
201-337-4442 (phone) 
201-651-1685 (fax) 
Trish Gannon
Anne-Marie Kennedy
Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultants
Arlene Ishak 
Juliet March
School Psychologists
Toyin Milliken
Dr. Jennifer Gioia
School Social Workers
Seton Feeney
Susan Wyrovsky 
Tracey Caso
Michael Gray
Gifted and Talented

Jena Boomhower
Occupational Therapists
Lisa Macaluso
Patricia McNerney
Physical Therapist
Michael Serey
Speech/Language Therapists
Sarah Cron
Kerri-Ann Norcia
Marlene Seidman
Patricia Sheridan