• About The Speech Specialist

    NAME: Ms. Patricia Sheridan

    SCHOOL: Manito School

    SCHOOL PHONE: 201-337-6106 ext 2008

    Oakland Public School Speech-Language Specialists hold Masters Degrees from accredited universities. Each therapist is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC). Certificate requirements include a master's degree, 9 month clinical fellowship, and successful completion of the national examination administered by the Educational Testing Service. In New Jersey, therapists must also be licensed to practice. The Certificate of Clinical Competency must be renewed annually and licenses maintained biennially. In order to maintain our qualifications, we must abide by ASHA's Code of Ethics and obtain continuing education credits by attending seminars, conferences and classes.

    Mission For The Class

    Communication is a fundamental process in the learning experience. The school years are a time for exploration, social and cognitive development.Speech and language therapy is one of the processes that guide a child along his or her path of discovery. We believe that each child has the potential to lean from and contribute to academic experiences.The purpose of speech and language intervention is to provide rich communication experiences that guide children to reach their academic and social goals with success. It is our professional pleasure to be part of the speech and language adventure that contribute to the intellectual and emotional development of Oakland's students.