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         Occasionally, cases of pediculosis or head lice occur among children.  Recently, there has been a report of a head lice incident in our schools.  Given this information, we ask you to check your child and know that an itchy scalp can be a common symptom of head lice. Treatment for head lice usually includes a medicated shampoo which maybe obtained at the pharmacy or from your doctor.

         As always, we want the parents/guardians of our students to be informed of health needs of young people and to promote good health habits. Stress with your child that the sharing of combs and hats is not advisable.

         Please know that any child with head lice must be checked by the school nurse before returning to school. If you discover that, at any time, your child has head lice, or if you have any questions, please report this to the school nurse in your child's school.