Daily Words of Wisdom
    October 22, 2019     

    Have you ever wanted someone to notice you while you were doing something special, like riding a bike for the first time, playing a sport, or dancing at a recital? Everyone has done that before. We want people to notice us, especially when we are doing something we think is really special. 

    We want someone to say "Good job!" or "Way to go!"

    Getting positive attention is a good thing, but sadly, sometimes we want attention so badly, we make poor choices and then we get the kind of attention that isn't good at all. We disrupt the class, talk while one of our classmates or our teacher is talking, make a parent angry or hurt someone's feelings. When we seek this kind of negative attention, not only are we being disrespectful, but we usually feel badly about ourselves because of it later.

    But here's the good news. When we treat others and ourselves with respect, we earn the kind of attention we can be proud of. That's the kind of attention that will help us be the very best we can be, and that is always a good thing.