Daily Words of Wisdom
    June 20, 2019     

    Summer vacation can be one of the most special times in life. Many of you will stay up later, sleep later, spend more time with friends, and travel to visit relatives. Having no school can mean a lot more freedom. The question is: what are you going to do with all the extra time and freedom you’re going to have during the next two months?

    All of the free time you’re about to have will open up many opportunities—good and bad. This summer, start off by making a really smart choice. Choose to set some positive goals for yourself. Set a goal for the number of books that you will read, or how often you’re going to write in your journal, or how much exercise you will get. 

    So as we approach the last couple of days of school, think about starting off your summer vacation on a positive note. Promise yourself that you’ll make good use of your time, make wise choices, and say no to negative peer pressure.