• Dear Parents/Guardians and Children,

    Built in 1958, the Heights Elementary School is the largest and oldest of Oakland's elementary schools. The teachers, secretaries,custodians and support staff are dedicated to a child-centered philosophy that promotes the social and emotional, as well as the academic development of our children. The developmental needs of children are taken into account during their progression through the grades.

    We are proud of our strong home/school partnership - the backbone of a successful school and well-balanced students. Our PTO works with our staff to provide enrichment programs based on collaboratively determined needs and interests.Our parents are intent on exposing our children to diverse experiences in music, art, and the cultural arts. To this end, during the school year the PTO provides an eclectic array of special cultural arts programs for the children.In addition, some of the "for fun" experiences that our PTO sponsors for children and parents include our annual Simple Supper, a "student fun evening" and our famous Heights Rock Cafe. These special events are always well attended by our school community.

    In addition to cultural and “fun” experiences, our PTO partnership continues to yield a commitment to the infusion of technology into our curriculum.  Our PTO has donated laptop computers that are used in the classrooms to expose children to the information highway that exists in our global world. Through the use of this tool, children are able to do research in a supervised setting and produce projects that they would otherwise be unable to do.  In addition to the laptops and SMART Boards, the PTO has donated iPads that are used to enhance the delivery of instruction and to make the teaching learning process interactive.  We are also using Chrome Books this year to enable the children to ready themselves for the new PARCC Assessment.

    Our Student Council sponsors several fundraisers throughout each school year to benefit those in need.  Each November, the Women’s club counts on our  generosity, as we consistently donate dozens of boxes and bags of food for their Food Drive. The proceeds from our School Store are used to send funds to our Oakland Volunteer Fire Department and to the Oakland Ambulance Corps. 

    Heights students are involved at the fourth grade level in recorder and strings ensemble and at the fifth grade in chorus and orchestra programs. Our Grade Five students always put on an end of the year musical production, which consistently receives rave reviews. This endeavor has students, staff, and  community involvement from its inception to its closing night. Field trips at each grade level are chosen carefully, planned and support the curriculum, thus enhancing the learning experience for the children. 

    Each year our physical education department coordinates the amazing Heights Olympics, which is predicated on the original Greek games. Students develop team spirit, good sportspersonship, and a sense of community through this unique event.

    In keeping with our global perspective, our district promotes an outstanding Global Education Program that follows the children from our elementary school to the Middle School through the implementation of thematic units at each grade level.  In the spring of 2005, the New Jersey Association of School Administrators and New Jersey's Regional Office of The Anti-Defamation League announced that the Oakland Public Schools' Global Education Project had been selected to receive the 2005 Aaron Flanzbaum21st Century Democratic Heritage Award. Our district is extremely proud of this honor.  

    Our school goals are both affective and cognitive. We promote character education through the understanding of  kindness, respect, trustworthiness and peaceful resolutions to conflicts that arise.  We always use a variety of strategies and teaching tools that make the children’s learning experiences meaningful.

    It is with great enthusiasm that the Heights School Community embraces each new  year. We - teachers, support staff, parents, and administrators - look forward to reaching new heights while working collaboratively to ensure that each child receives an excellent education, while developing him/herself to be the very best person that she/he can be, in a safe environment that promotes lifelong learning, fun, and personal growth. 

    With best regards,
    Barbara A. Ciambra, M.S., M.A.