• In 1907 the Oakland school system had an enrollment of 61 and at that time its first school, Valley School, was built. As the population slowly grew, one room was added in 1926. From that time until 1948 the school population was static, so the expansion was not required. In 1950, a six room addition to the original school was added, and was completely utilized by 1953 because the population was increasing rapidly. In 1955 an eight room addition was built and within a year was completely filled. The tremendous growth of Oakland in the 50'S and 60's resulted in the need for school buildings in other areas.

    During the 60's the concept of a middle school (grades 6,7,8) was researched and it was decided to reorganize the Kindergarten - 8th grade system. This change involved converting the original school and a large addition behind it into a middle school, which was accomplished in 1969 when all Oakland's 6, 7, and 8th graders were assigned to the Valley Middle School.