Amy Ludwig Vanderwater 


                                                                                   The voice in my head

                                                                                 When I read to myself

                                                                                  is a mix of my mom

                                                                                  and a teacher who knew

                                                                                  that reading aloud

                                                                                  glues people together.

                                                                                   I have a book.

                                                                                  May I read it with you?

                                                                                  For if we share words            

                                                                                  the way people break bread

                                                                                  your voice will join in

                                                                                  when I read in my head.

                                                                              HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY WINTER                                                                                                 

                                               A wonderful New Year's resolution, is to read aloud with your children each night.  Our busy schedules make this sound challenging. However, 20 minutes each day makes a significant difference for your children, not only with reading skills but also, establishing lifetime readers. If children see reading valued in the home, they carry that throughout their lives.  It is a terrific way to spend quality time together. For more information, (see below )read a copy of THE READ ALOUD HANDBOOK by Jim Trelease. Go to Suggested Reading Lists for some story ideas.

                                               Specific information regarding: the days they have book exchanges; how many books can be borrowed and what to do if a book is missing--- all of that information is located on my website under Library Policies.

                                              We follow the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Standards, English Language Arts program. Distinguishing fiction from nonfiction, elements of different genres, author/illustrator studies and research are just a few of the areas that are covered throughout the grade levels via literature and digital resources.

                                              THE READ ALOUD HANDBOOK by Jim Trelease (7th ed.) is a wonderful resource for anyone who would like to engage their children to read regularly and with joy. It is very easy reading and incredibly informative. Reading aloud is a key component to sucess in reading.

                                               An excellent digiital resource is SCHOLASTIC GO, formerly Grolier. You can use it from home. Login Name: large Password: oaktree. It contains encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries and tons of great nonfiction information.

                                               Should you have any questions regarding the library media program, please do not hesitate to contact me. My extension is #2004.


    Mrs. Carolyn Malden

    Library Media Specialist

    "Anything and everything is possible as we grow and succeed, with each step, each day."