Amy VanDerwater                                                                                         



                                                                                                                     Each morning, I peek at our maple tree

                                                                                                                     pointing out birds. Today just three--

                                                                                                                     two cardinals and a chickadee.

                                                                                                                     I like counting birds I see. 


                                             What can you do with your children over the course of the next few weeks? Read, read and read some more. The benefits of reading aloud are enormous. It is one of the most signifcant ways to jumpstart your children to reading independently and becoming lifetime readers. Refer to Junior Library Guild@Home Digital Ebooks for reading materials.


                                                                                                                             WEEK 14: AT Home


                                           It's June! Let's celebrate International Dinosaur Day, June 1st. Here are just a few more celebrations during June:Baseball invented, 12th, Flag Day, 14th, Fly a Kite Day, 15th, Father's Day, 16th, Eric Carle's Birthday, 20th.

                                           Wishing you a happy and healthy summer! Be well.

                                                                                                                         BIRDING or BIRD WATCHING

                                           As I've been working at my computer, the bird song outside has been amazing.  My son and daughter-in-law, sent me a video of a newborn robin that had just broken through it's shell. Two more beautiful blue, eggs are resting in the nest. I began to research books on bird watching for kids and came across a wonderful video on birding or birdwatching by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater. What a great way to spend time outside! Watch the local birds that live in your neighborhood. The books that I listed under, Suggested Reading List are available through Amazon. Take the time to view Amy Vanderwater's video on Birding, it's well done and informative.




                                                                                                         Junior Library Guild @Home Digital Ebooks


                                              JGL@Home is an amazing resource that your children can use to read tons of books on line from elementary level through high school. The program is free and no login is required.  It provides unlimited access and the choices are updated from time to time. At a time when our libraries are closed, this resource is invaluable. You can use any kind of device as well. Choose the Stream level that will satisfy your needs especially, if you have a family with children of differing ages. You can go to Interesting Web Resource.


                                              Specific information regarding the day your child/children come to the library and how many books they can take out, is available on this website. See the information below. Please feel free to email or call if you would like. We will begin by becoming aquainted with library responsibilities and procedures. Location skills will be utilized by the students throughout the school year, so they can become independent when searching for books. The older students, grades 3-5,  will have an opportunity to navigate our Destiny electronic catalog. If a student forgets his/her books, they can renew the books and take out new ones when books are returned. It is helpful if the books are returned on time, so the children can enjoy taking out new books. On the library counter, poems and nonfiction articles are available to read or take home. Suggested Reading Lists and Websites are additional resources on this site.


                                               Specific information regarding: the days students have book exchanges; how many books can be borrowed and what to do if a book is missing--- all of that information is located on my website under Library Policies.

                                              We follow the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Standards, English Language Arts program, National School Library Content Standards and Technology. Distinguishing fiction from nonfiction, elements of different genres, author/illustrator studies and research are just a few of the areas that are covered throughout the grade levels via literature and technology/digital resources.

                                              THE READ ALOUD HANDBOOK by Jim Trelease (7th ed.) is a wonderful resource for anyone who would like to engage their children to read regularly and with joy. It is very easy reading and incredibly informative. Reading aloud is a key component to

            Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My extension is #2004.  malden@oaklandschoolsnj.org


    Mrs. Carolyn Malden

    Library Media Specialist

    "Anything and everything is possible as we grow and succeed, with each step, each day."