Launch Pad Band - 6th Grade band members
    Challenger Band - 7th & 8th Grade band members
    Both groups perform togather and will have several rehearsals togather.

    Jazz Band Auditions will be in November.

    Percussion Ensemble will begin late November/early December.


    Bell Covers are required for ALL wind instruments. An email with a recommendation
    will be sent soon.

    Musician Masks are OPTIONAL this year for winds. Percussion students should
    continue wearing their regular mask.


    Concert dress requirements

    Option 1: Black dress pants; white collared, button-down dress shirt;
    long,solid black tie, black socks; black dress shoes; black jacket optional.

    Option 2: Long black skirt or dress pants; white dress shirt or blouse;
    or a black dress; black dress shoes.

    PLEASE! Do NOT wear, jeans, sneakers, white socks, uggs, tank tops or
    t-shirts. All clothing MUST conform to both, the school dress code as well.


    Extra help will be available on most Thursdays after school
    or before school on Fridays by appointment.