Launch Pad Band - 6th Grade band members
    Challenger Band - 7th & 8th Grade band members
    Both groups perform togather and will have several rehearsals togather.

    Jazz Band Auditions will be in November.

    Percussion Ensemble will begin late November/early December.



    Concert dress requirements

    Gentlemen : Black dress pants; white collared, button-down dress shirt;
    long,solid black tie, black socks; black dress shoes; black jacket optional.

    Ladies :Long black skirt or dress pants; white dress shirt or blouse;
    or a black dress; black dress shoes.

    PLEASE! Do not wear, jeans, sneakers, white socks, uggs, tank tops or
    t-shirts. All clothing MUST conform to both, the school dress code, as well
    as required concert attire.


    Extra help will be available on most Thursdays after school
    or before school on Fridays by appointment.