• Welcome to the Oakland Public Schools Strings/Orchestra Page--Mrs. Marino 

    Welcome back!  Lessons begin the week of September 17.  Your child has received a copy of the lesson schedule and should bring his or her instrument on the designated day and time. 

    Please know that I teach strings lessons at Manito, Heights, Dogwood Hill, and Valley Middle School.  I have listed the phone numbers for all four schools below.  

    Manito--(201) 337-6106--Tuesdays

    Heights--(201) 337-4147--Thursdays between 9:00-11:45; all day on Fridays

    Dogwood Hill--(201) 337-5822--Mondays

    VMS--(201) 337-8185--Wednesdays all day and Thursdays--period 5-8

     Mission For The Class

    The strings/orchestra program offers instruction in violin, viola, and cello, with string bass instruction beginning at the middle school level.  In the strings/orchestra program,students will learn to hold the instrument and bow properly; to move the bow across the strings in a manner that will produce a clear, full tone; to read music and to place their fingers appropriately on the instrument.                                                                                                           

    As students progress from the elementary to the middle school level, these skills are expanded upon, with more advanced reading skills and challenging techniques being included.

    Learning a variety of bowing and fingering techniques, as well as gaining note reading skills, will allow thestudents to perform and enjoy a wide array of musical styles.

    Students are encouraged to seek out as many playing opportunities as they desire, including private lessons,participation in youth orchestras, etc. Continued participation in the high school strings program is strongly encouraged.

    Through the study of an instrument,students will learn to develop perseverance and patience, as well as attention to detail. These skills go beyond the area of music and serve as valuable life skills. Ultimately, the development of these three areas is the main goal of participation.