• Welcome to Speech and Language!
    At Valley Middle School, children are often seen in reading class to support their academic success. At times, your child may come to the speech room, as well. This is to assist them in their processing and language skills. Those children seen for language therapy typically do not get homework from me. However, if you check their reading folders, very often you will find papers from Speech and Language!
    This year, I am happy to return to Heights Elementary School to work with children in Grades 4 and 5. At this level, children are seen out of the classroom for individual or small group lessons. In the small group, children learn vocabulary, use increased sentence structure, and have the opportunity to improve their social skills! Those children who participate in therapy to increase articulation skills have many opportunities to practice their sounds!  In speech and language therapy, we do all of this, and we also have loads of fun!!
    Please know that at the middle school level and at Heights, children seen for articulation therapy are typically seen in the speech room. These children do receive homework. It is imperative that these children practice their speech with a parent/guardian on a daily basis. Did you know that research suggests that 10 minutes of articulation practice a day will assist your child in producing their target sounds? 
    I welcome a visit from parents/guardians for training in how to best facilitate accurate speech production. Feel free to email me at seidman@oaklandschoolsnj.org if you would like to visit!