• The Department of Student Personnel and Special Services houses programs for students who require unique learning opportunities and instruction. Our special education, occupational and physical therapies, ELL, Public Law 504, gifted and talented, speech and language, and school counseling programs comprise Department offerings.

    To accommodate the special needs of students, the District has a pre-school handicapped program for children between the ages of three and five years who are experiencing developmental delays that interfere with their learning. For students from kindergarten through eighth grade, resource center programs, language/learning delay classrooms, and classroom assistance are available to provide students with specialized instruction.

    The Department of Student Personnel and Special Services is coordinated by a Director who supervises the District's Child Study Team and all Department staff. The Child Study Team, comprised of school psychologists, learning disabilities teacher-consultants, and school social workers, collaborate to determine special needs and appropriate interventions. Referrals for evaluation can be made by school staff, parents/guardians, medical professionals, and community agencies.

    Please know that The Oakland Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis on gender, race, religion, age, national origin, or handicap in providing educational programs or employment. Inquiries regarding anti-discrimination laws relative to this Department should be raised with the Director.

    Phone: 201-337-4442

    Fax: 201-651-1685 
    Department of Student Personnel and Special Services
    114 Seminole Avenue
    Oakland, New Jersey 07436