• Oakland's Technology Department strives to ensure dynamic and creative learning
    environments through the seamless integration of technology at all our schools.

    Program Goals

    • Technology will be fully integrated and infused into the learning environment to help prepare our students to become life-long learners.
    • Students will be able to use various forms of technology to communicate, to analyze and manipulate data, and to organize and present information.
    • Students are prepared for the 21st century, equipping them with the academic and technological skills necessary for success in future educational pursuits and professional careers that may not exist today.
    • Teachers will use technology as part of everyday activities in classrooms, labs, and libraries in order to prepare and deliver instruction and to bring the real world into the classrooms.
    Our schools very much reflect our motto “A Learning Community Committed to Excellence.”

    Kristin Carr
    Supervisor of Instruction and Special Programs
    Phone: (201) 337-0928
    Email: carr@oaklandschoolsnj.org

    Mary Ortiz
    District Data Specialist
    Email: ortiz@oaklandschoolsnj.org

    Paul Santiago
    District Technology Specialist
    Email: santiago@oaklandschoolsnj.org

    Apollo Tavarez
     Technology Technician
    Email: tavarez@oaklandschoolsnj.org