Why 1:1

  • Why 1:1?


    The Oakland Public Schools believes that the use of technology to support teaching and learning and access to anytime, anywhere information has become an integral part of the educational program for all of its students. It is through this belief that the District has undergone great strides to provide every student with the best possible 21st century learning experiences. The overall goal of the Valley Middle School's 1:1 Chromebook distribution is to prepare students for high school and their future in a global society. 



    • Promote student empowerment and engagement
    • Promote student-centered learning opportunities
    • Put a device in the hands of every student. 
    • Take learning beyond the classroom and put information at students’ fingertips anytime, anywhere
    • Motivate students, encourage collaboration, innovation, and creativity
    • Support learning across all curriculum
    • Promote student accountability and sense of ownership