• About Your Chromebook


    What you will receive:

    • Acer C731 11" Chromebook
    • AC Adapter with Charging cable 
    • Belkin Protective case  

    Acceptable Use Policies and Contracts

    All middle school students and their parents must review and answer the questions on the VMS Parent Portal before the student can be issued an Chromebook. The questions will address the following documents and Board of Education policies:
    • The Oakland School District Internet Use Agreement
    • Internet Safety and Technology, Policy: 6142.10 
    • The Valley Middle School Parent/Student Chromebook Agreement
    • Blogging Rules for Students, Policy Regulation: 6142.10 
    • Parent/Guardian Consent Form
    • Photographs of Students, Policy: 5145.5 
    • COPPA Letter 
    • Anti-Big Brother Act Disclosure N.J.P.S.A. 18A:36-39
    • Chromebook Insurance

    Chromebook Insurance Program

    Every student will be given a chromebook and it is the procedures and feelings of the Oakland Board of Education that no child be denied a device. The Oakland Board of Education offers an optional insurance program through Acer for an annual fee. Those who purchase the insurance will not be responsible for any accidental damage caused. Students who are on a free or reduced lunch are exempt from paying the premium, but are treated as if they had done so. 
    School Chromebook and accessories must be returned to the school of attendance at the end of each school year. Students who graduate early, withdraw, are suspended or expelled, or terminate enrollment for any other reason must return their individual school Chromebook on the date of termination.