Frequently Asked Questions


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why Chromebooks?

                The Oakland Public Schools selected Chromebooks for the following reasons:

    • Sturdy construction for a great price.
    • Light and manageable for middle school age students.
    • Easy to manage and support.
    • Chromebooks have flooded the education market.
    • Easy deployment via a web-based portal.
    • Boot up in eight seconds/last eight to ten hours.
    • Increases students' time on task.  
    • Our teachers have been using Google Apps for Education for the last several years. Their experience will help to facilitate the 1:1 learning initiative.

    What happens if the student forgets his/her Chromebook? Will loaners be available to those students?

    Students are expected to bring in their chromebooks fully charged every day. 

    What happens if there are technical issues with the student Chromebooks?

    All problems will be handled through the Valley Middle School Main Office. Parents and students should report any issues immediately. If necessary, and based on availability the student will receive a loaner Chromebook. The student must sign out the loaner device. When the student’s original Chromebook is ready to be picked up, student will be notified. It is the responsibility of the student to return the loaner device in the same condition it was received. Student returns loaner in exchange for original Chromebook either by the end of the school or beginning of school the following day.
    *Under no circumstances should a damaged Chromebook be brought to an outside vendor to repair.  

    What happens if the student forgets to charge their Chromebook?

    Per the Parent / Student Chromebook Agreement, students will be responsible in making sure that their chromebooks are fully charged for school. However, students will be allowed to bring their Chromebook to the Valley Middle School Main Office for charging. 

    What happens if the student loses his/her carrying case?

    The cost for replacing the carrying case will be billed to the family.

    Is insurance mandatory?

    No, however,  the The Oakland Public Schools offers a worry-free optional insurance program through Acer.  Students with a disability or who are on a free or reduced lunch are exempt from paying the premium, but are treated as if they had done so. For special considerations please contact your building principal.  It is the practice of the Oakland Board of Education that no student will be denied a device.

    How much is the yearly insurance premium?

    The annual insurance premium for the 2017 - 2018 school year is $25.

    What does the Worry-Free Insurance premium cover?

    Details of the The Oakland Public Schools (TOPS) Worry-Free Insurance Program are outlined in the coverage plan.

    How is the insurance premium paid?

    The payment process will be handled through an online payment portal or by check made payable to the Oakland Board of Education.

    What happens if the Chromebook is stolen?

    Student / parent must report the incident immediately to Valley Middle School Administration. An official police report should be filed as well. 

    Will the student be allowed to load applications on their Chromebooks?

    At this time, students will not be allowed to load applications on their Chromebooks.

    Will the student have access to the built-in camera?

    Yes. Students will have access to the built-in camera. However, the District AUP will be strictly enforced.

    Will the student have full Internet access at home?

    Home Internet access will be the responsibility of the parent / guardian. However, student Chromebooks will be filtered based on restrictions applied through the GAFE Domain.

    Does the parent need to sign off on the Parent/Student Chromebook Agreement Form?

    Yes. Student and Parent (or legal guardian) must submit the Student Chromebook Agreement Form online. There are specifics on the acceptable use, insurance coverage, accidental damage protection, and theft/loss coverage.