Additional Information

  • Installed Software

    Apps originally installed by The Oakland Public Schools must remain on the Chromebook at all times. New apps that support the curriculum will be added as deemed necessary.

    Additional Apps

    Students are restricted from installing apps, extensions, or plugins.


    Modification of Chromebook settings can result in consequences based on our Code of Conduct.


    The Chromebook will be subject to periodic inspection for physical damage and appropriate usage throughout the school year by the Technology Department.

    Software Upgrades

    Chromebooks are configured to auto-update the Chrome OS resulting in an up to date operating system at all times. No user interaction required.

    File Management

    Students work will be saved to their District-assigned Google Drive account.

    Internet Connectivity

    When using the Chromebooks at home, providing access to the Internet is the sole responsibility of the parent / guardian through their home Internet provider. However, content will still be filtered through our GAFE Domain.