• Welcome to 5th grade!

    I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach your children this year! 

    Please see the following for some information regarding our daily activities.



    Homework will be assigned daily.  Please see the daily agenda for all homework assignments.  Below is an outline of the daily homework that will be assigned each night.  


    Spelling units will be taught weekly.  The unit post-test will be given on Friday.

    Your child should be reviewing their spelling list nightly in order to prepare for the test.  


    Your child is asked to read from the book of their choice each night for about 20-25 minutes each night.  


    A workbook page will be assigned from the math workbook each night. 

    Practicing math facts for a few minutes each night, in addition to daily math homework, will help to strengthen skills.  This additional practice could be done through various online activities, games, or flashcards.  

    Study guides for math tests will be given in advance.

    Social Studies:

    Study guides for these subjects will be given in advance of the test.  

    Students are encouraged to study for a few minutes each night.

    Flashcards may be made from the information in the study guide to help your child study.



    Snack will be eaten mid-morning.  Please send in one snack that can be easily consumed while working, as this will be a working snack time.


    Birthday Treats:

    Please email in advance if you plan on sending a birthday treat for your child's birthday.  Please send enough for 16 students.


    Extra Help

    I am available for extra help on Wednesday.  Please look in your child's agenda for an extra help notice that can be signed and returned prior to the extra help session.  Thank you!


    Daily Specials

    Monday: Art

    Tuesday:  Music

    Wednesday: Physical Education

    Thursday:. Library

    Friday: Physical Education