• Welcome to Mrs. Bassett's 4th Grade Class!


    Special Area Schedule

    Monday - Physical Education

    Tuesday - Library 

    Wednesday - Physical Education

    Thursday - Art

    Friday - Music/Health


    We are working on the following subject matter this month:

    Reading - Exploring digital resources; Establishing a reading life

    Writing - Personal Narrative

    Math - Chapter 1: Place Value

    Science - STEAM projects and the Scientific Method


    Upcoming Tests/Quizzes/Projects:


    - None -  


    Daily Homework:

    Your child's agenda has the most up-to-date information regarding homework assignments.




    Writing: Decorate writing notebook by Wednesday.

    Cohort A only: Take home math workbook!



    Writing: Decorate math notebook by tomorrow!

    Math HW: Practice playing games from the Chapter 1 opener assignment for about 10 minutes.

    Cohort B only: Take home math workbook and dry erase board/marker.



    Math: HW 1.1 Place Value (see the Homework section of the Classwork stream to find your assignment!)



    Writing: Finish chart with 3 topics and 2-3 story ideas per topic. (See today's writing assignment for more details)

    Math: Workbook pages 9-10 (even #s only - 2, 4, 6, 8....)



    Have fun! Stay healthy :)





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    Extra Help

    during afternoon sessions, starting week of 9/21