• Welcome to Ms. Chisari's Class






    At this point in the year, students should be reading about 5-10 minutes a night with you. This can change as the year goes on as their stamina increases. Have fun reading together :)


    1. Daily Review Sheet: Worksheets may address topics that we learned during the school day or topics that they already know for extra practice. 
    2. Practice Basic Math Facts
    *When students have a math test, it needs to be signed and returned the next day after it is sent home.*

    Grade K: Phonics letter worksheet

    Grade 1: Spelling (Word Work): 

    Refer to the Spelling Menu sheet to pick activities for homework throughout the week. Word work notebooks will be sent home on Mondays and collected every Friday. Tests are given on Fridays!

    Monday: Cut and sort words and pictures. Do NOT glue yet!

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Pick one activity per night from the spelling menu to do for homework

    Thursday (additionally): Glue the word sort into the notebook and study for test


     Contact information:

    My email address is chisari@oaklandschools.org. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions!

    Dogwood Hill School: 201-337-5822