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    Daily Schedule

    9-9:30 → SS/Science

    9:30-10:30 → Reading

    10:30-11 → Writing

    11-11:25 → Break

    11:25-12 →  Math

    12-12:30 → Special

    12:30-1 → SS/Science




    Special Area Schedule

    Monday: Gym

    Tuesday: Gym

    Wednesday: Art

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: Library (AM) 




    Homework is posted in the Homeroom Google Classroom daily



    school subjects

    We are currently working on the following: 

    Reading: Unit 2- Nonfiction.  Students will be reading nonfiction text to identify main idea/supporting details, use text features such as charts/maps/diagrams/images/captions to better comprehension text, chunk information to make sense of what they read, identify text structure (chronological/cause&effect, problem&solution, description), and use strategies to decode complex vocabulary. 

    Writing: Unit 2- Nonfiction.  Students will be choosing a topic of their choice to turn into a feature article.  They will be researching topics and narrowing into on 5/6 subtopics to futher develop into their own article.  These articles will include a variety of text structure and features that we will transfer from our reading lessons.  

    Math: Chapter 2- Division 

    Science: Unit 2- Earth and Space Science.  Stars, constellations, the Sun, seasons, cycle of day/night, and gravity. 

    Spelling: Unit 7- vowel changes

    Social Studies: The Age of Exploration



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