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    Daily Schedule

    9:07-9:47: Reading

    9:47-10:27: Reading


    11:20-11:47: SGI

    11:47-12:27: Recess/Lunch

    12:27-1:07: Science

    1:07-1:47: Social Studies (with Mrs. Obertlik)

    1:47-2:27: Special 

    2:27-3:07: Writing




    Special Area Schedule

    Monday: Art

    Tuesday: Gym

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: Library 




    Homework is also posted in the Homeroom Google Classroom daily

    Homework will start the week of 9/12




    school subjects

    We are currently working on the following: 

    Reading: We are working on "seeing more" when we read and thinking more deeply about the words we are reading.  Good readers have strong discussions about what they read and expand their thoughts in their writing.  We will be getting into book clubs within the next few weeks to have good book talks and study our characters and elements of fiction reading.

    Writing: Grammar - Types of Sentences

    Math: Chapter 1: Place Value

    Science: Unit 1: Matter

    Phases of matter, properties of matter, atoms, molecules, elements, mixtures and solutions, compounds and changing states of matter

    Spelling: Unit 1

    Social Studies: Early Native Americans



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