• Welcome to Ms. Enright's Class!



     Special Area Schedule:



    Wednesday- Art

    Thursday- Phys. Ed.

    Friday- Phys. Ed.

    We are working on the following subject matter:

    Reading: Emergent Storybook Reading

    Writing: Writing for Reader's: True Stories

    Word Study: Name Study, Letter ID / Sound Recognition, Sight Word Vocabulary

    Math: Number recognition, counting and writing numbers 6-10

    Social Studies: Fall and Winter Holidays, Characer Education

    Science: Seasons, Trees



    Students will typically have a reading and math practice page for homework Monday through Thursday. Be sure to also practice popcorn words each evening with your child and date and sign the blue form. Additionally, be sure to practice letter and number identification and letter sounds as often as possible. Please see the handout for fun games!  

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