• Welcome to Ms. Buske's (Hartsuiker) Class! 


    Special Area Schedule

    Monday-Physical Education

    Tuesday- Library

    Wednesday-Physical Education





    We are working on the following subject matter:

    WRITING-Opinion and Book Review Writing

    READING-Getting To Know Characters and Their Stories 

    MATH-Place Value Strategies for Addition and Subtraction 

    SCIENCE-Weathering and Erosion

    SOCIAL STUDIES-Holiday's Around the World


    Second Grade Homework

    1. Spelling is given Monday-Thursday. Students will receive words on Monday. Students will follow the option assigned for that day using the provided spelling words. Students will study during the week and take the spelling test on Friday. The assigned options are listed below.


    Monday-Cut and Sort: Cut out spelling words and sort them according to the rule/word boss.

    Tuesday-Blind Sort: Sort spelling words by finding a new pattern.

    Wednesday-Word Hunt: Using different texts at home, look for words that follow the rule/word boss. Then record the words on the provided worksheet.

    Thursday-Writing Sort: Have an adult call out the spelling words in a random order. Then write each spelling word correctly in the right category on the provided worksheet.


    2. Math is given Monday-Thursday. Students complete worksheet or workbook page.


    3. Vocabulary is given Monday-Thursday. Students follow the option assigned for that day using the provided vocabulary list. The assigned options are listed below.


    Monday-Define each vocabulary word.

    Tuesday-Use each vocabulary word in a sentence.

    Wednesday- Put the vocabulary words in ABC order. 

    Thursday-Draw a picture for each vocabulary word.


    4. Reading Calendar-Students should try to read each day. Students may read books from home or use books in book pouches. Once the student has read, a parent or guardian should initial that day on the calendar. Reading Calendars are due every Friday morning.


    5. Science and Social Studies are given occasionally. 


    6. All tests and Quizzes will be sent home. Please sign them and return when they are due. 




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