My name is Mrs. Heather Menduke. I am teaching first grade in Room 4 for the 2018-2019 school year. This year I am celebrating my 15th year in the Oakland Public School System. I began my teaching career in another Bergen County district and spent 18 years there, teaching second and third grade. Since joining Oakland, I have spent my tenure in first and second grade.
    Please be sure to check your child's folder for homework each night. Most nights there will be a reading/writing assignment and a math assignment to be completed and returned the next day. Please make sure to sign your child's homework each night if you had to give a good amount of assistance and place it back into their folder. 
    My contact information is the following:
    Monday: Math sheet, Word Work assignment, Read
    Tuesday: Math sheet, Word Work assignment, Take Home Journal assignment, Read

    Wednesday: Word Work assignment, Read "Book Bag" book, Math sheet

    Thursday: Word Work assignment, Poetry assignment, Math sheet, Read

    Friday: Read


    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


     Art 2:27


     Library 2:27

       Gym 2:27

       Music 2:27    Gym 2:27
    Reading: Meeting Characters 
    Writing: Narrative Writing (Writing a Series)
    Science: Life Science
    Math: Addition and Subtraction Facts; Geometry
    Social Studies: Earth Day; Memorial Day; Australia