• Welcome to Ms. Osborne's Class!


     Special Area Schedule

    MONDAY - Music

    TUESDAY- Physical Education

    WEDNESDAY - Physical Education


    FRIDAY - Library


    We are working on the following subject matter this month:

    READING - Nonfiction Reading

    WRITING - Informational Writing

    GRAMMAR- Nouns

    SCIENCE-  Matter (Solids, Liquids, and Gases)

    MATH- Adding Three Digit Numbers with and without regrouping/ Problem Solving

    SOCIAL STUDIES- Holidays Around the World


    Homework is assigned on a daily basis and is meant to serve as a gentle reminder of the day's lesson. If your child is frustrated or overwhelmed, please let me know.

    Reading Homework:  Students are encouraged to read for 15-20 minutes each night. Your child may use Raz Kids for his or her reading.

    Spellling Homework for the Week

    Monday- Sort Words/ Read Words Aloud

    Tuesday- Choose an activity from the spelling Menu

    Wednesday- Spelling Menu Activity

    Thursday- Spelling Menu Activity and Study for Test

    Friday- TEST DAY

    (Extension/Challenge Activites Optional)Math Worksheet. This worksheet may be double sided. Check your child's homework folder each night. 


    Please check your child's homework folder each night for math homework. Please note that worksheets may be two sided. 

    On a night when homework is lighter, please spend some time reviewing addition and subtraction flashcards with your child. We are working hard to commit these facts to memory! :)  USERNAME:  (The student's 6 digit#)@oaklandpublic  PASSWORD: MATH   


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