• Welcome to Mrs. Russo's Class!





     Monday - Thursday:

                      Read & Practice Retelling

          Study sight words

                      Practice word sort activity

                           Math Activity & Fact Practice 


    For books on your child's reading level please access razkids.com with the log in information that was sent home.

    For additional math review and practice please visit ixl.com.




    Special Area Schedule

    Monday - Physical Education

    Tuesday - Music

    Wednesday - Art

    Thursday - Physical Education

    Friday - Library




    It is an exciting time in first grade!  This month we are learning:

    -to write realistic fiction books 

    -to learn about the characters & lessons in the stories we read

    -to identify, combine and separate shapes

    -to fluently add and subtract numbers 

    -about animal and plant life cycles

    -to respect & celebrate differences