• Welcome to Speech and Language at Valley Middle School and at Heights Elementary School (Grades 4 and 5)!

    At the middle school level, many of the children seen for therapy are seen in their (resource) Reading and/or English classes, where language lessons support the curriculum. Each week, you child's teacher and I collaborate and prepare lessons to improve language and higher-level thinking skills. 

    As the classroom is the least restrictive environment, working in-class provides me with the perfect occasion to see your child at work. I see your child follow directions. I hear your child initiate and respond to questions. I observe their understanding of text, and I view their written work. 

    You will see Speech and Language papers in your child's binder in the reading section, now and then. These papers support the classroom curriculum and goals we have set. There is no additional language homework, however. 

    If the classroom teacher notices particular difficulty with a concept, vocabulary, etc., he/she may ask me to see a child in the speech room for some extra help with a particular class lesson. Under those circumstances, we usually find a mutually convenient time to work together. 

    At the elementary level, some children are seen in class, and others are seen in a pullout model. For some, pullout and in-class support are provided. Again, if teachers note particular difficulty in an area, he/she may contact me to facilitate classwork/homework/test support. 

    For both schools, in the area of articulation, most students are seen in a pullout model. These children always have a speech folder. Please check the folder for personal notes, homework sheets, etc.

    It is crucial, in the area of articulation, that children practice at home with an adult. In fact, studies show that only 10 minutes of daily practice can facilitate articulation skills. Please help your child increase his/her communication skills!  If we work together, you should see a big difference in how your child produces his/her target sound(s)! 

    Please note that when your child is seen in the speech/language room, in a pullout model, he/she is responsible for missed work in the classroom. 

    I look forward to a wonderful year getting to know your children and helping them reach their goals!