• Welcome to Mrs. Swift's Class


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    Welcome to third grade! I am excited to meet you all!

    Our Specials
    Monday: Gym
    Tuesday: Gym
    Wednesday: Art
    Thursday: Music
    Friday: Library

    Our Weekly Homework
    Math workbook pages due daily
    Spelling homework due weekly
    Read for 20 minutes daily
    Studying for announced science and social studies tests

    About the Teacher

    This is my nineteenth year teaching in Oakland and I am very excited to meet and work with your children. I am also an Oakland mom with my three year old in Height's preschool. I look forward to working with you to make this year a successful one for everyone.


    We will have snack every morrning. Since we eat snack around 11:00 in the morning, please make sure the snack is a health one.  We have a late 1:00 lunch and while cookies and chips are often tempting for children, these types of snacks do not "stay with them" leaving them hungry again well before lunch time. This makes it very hard for them to concentrate. Healthy snacks will help everyone be successful. Also, remember that milk or juice may be purchased monthly. If your child forgets snack in the morning, a small, healthy snack is available in the classroom.


    We welcome treats for the class to celebrate birthdays. Please be sure to send in enough treats for the class as well as any plates, forks, plates, or napkins needed to eat the treat. We have 16 students in our class this year. We usually celebrate summer birthdays in June or on a date of your or the child's choosing.


    We will have homework Monday thru Friday. Children are asked to read for 15 minutes every night. Homework should take no more than one hour. However, each child works at his or her own pace. If you find your child is taking longer than this, please contact me and we will work together to find a solution. All tests should be signed and returned. This ensures that you and I both know how your child is doing.

    Homework will be assigned every night. Assignments will some combination of the following: language arts practice, math worksheets, spelling practice, and handwriting. Some students will need a lot of help on homework, while others will be able to complete work once they get started. It is not unusual for students to need a lot of help to complete homework in the very beginning of the year and as the work gets harder. The directions to worksheets may be confusing to them, causing them to be anxious. Rereading directions and explaining them, while doing a problem together may lessen this anxiety.

    Please check all homework. If your child struggled on a particular piece or concept, please let me know through a note or phone call. Third graders often are shy when it comes to asking a teacher for help. Your note will help me to help them.