• Kathleen Woodward

    Hi.  Welcome to my Teacher Web page.  I will try to keep it up-to-date and current.
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    This promises to be an exciting year ahead as we continue in the Kinder-Sea!
    We are thrilled to continue our Balanced Literacy Initiative with the addition of Reader's Workshop. There are many new and exciting activities for the Kindergarten students of the Oakland Public Schools!
    We are also excited to continue Writer's Workshop this year as part of our balanced literacy program.  Each student will learn how to become a "writer" and perform as "writers" do.  We will learn different genres of writing and have many opportunities to practice our new craft!
    We will continue our Math Series this year, as well.  It is entitled "Math In Focus" and follows the Singapore Math model. It is a unique, in depth focus on math concepts.
    Also this year, we will continue to use the Zaner-Bloser model of handwriting. It is a vertical form of writing letters and numbers.
    We are looking forward to a wonderful, exciting year in Kindergarten!
    Enjoy!  :)