Dogwood Hill Elementary School

A Nice Place To Grow!

Mr Clark




Dear Parents and Guardians,

As principal of an outstanding elementary school, there are many days that stand out for me over my seventeen years here at Dogwood Hill School. Certainly Friday, May 20, stands out as one of the best.

A very special thanks go out to Ms. Glazer and Ms. Miggels for putting so much time and effort into coordinating Dogwood Day 2016!  Through the morning, thanks to the incredible planning and work that Ms. Jessica Glazer put into getting volunteers and setting up all of the stations, the students enjoyed a variety of healthy choice activities.

In the afternoon, Dogwood Hill School enjoyed a very special milestone. For fifty years, Dogwood Hill School has stood as a nice place to grow for the children on this side of Oakland. Our student council liaison, Ms. Liz Miggels, reached out to Dogwood Hill’s first principal, Mr. Gene Casaleggio, and a large number of former faculty members to recognize our fifty years of service.  The entire Dogwood Hill School community, students, staff, former faculty, PTO executive committee, and DHS alumni gathered on the front porch for a group photo.

The whole community then proceeded down to the multi-purpose room to hear a brief overview of the school’s history and see a special slideshow on our time capsule.

Following this moving assembly, it was back to Ms. Glazer for her annual slideshow retrospective on the year at Dogwood Hill School.  As always, some of our fifth grade students were moved as they looked back over their time here. A truly wonderful and enriching day for everyone involved!  A huge debt of thanks, as always, also goes to Mr. Gerry McMinn who did so much in helping us navigate through the day!

Congratulations to all of the staff and students at Dogwood Hill School again, on another note. For the second time in two years, Dogwood Hill School was awarded a, “Promising Practice,” recognition. Dogwood Day is not your regular field day; nor is it focused on competition.  Rather, our focus is healthy activities that can be shared and are fun for the summer break. agreed that this initiative is a promising practice to help keep our students strong and healthy through the summer weeks.

I hope everyone has a very healthy and happy summer. I’m already looking forward to our next great school year; 2016-2017!

Warmest regards,

Glenn Clark