Daily Words of Wisdom
    June 21, 2019     

    It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of another school year. Each day this year, one of your teachers or I have read a message to you about being the best person you can be. The main idea of each message can be summarized by ten wise choices you should make throughout your lives.

    1. Choose to be honest.
    2. Choose to do and be your personal best.
    3. Choose a positive attitude.
    4. Choose to be responsible for yourself and your actions.
    5. Choose quality over quantity.
    6. Choose to live by the Golden Rule.
    7. Choose to see the beauty in our differences.
    8. Choose to be thankful for the good and positive things in your life.
    9. Choose to serve and help others.
    10. Choose to set goals for yourself and follow your dreams.


    Again, on behalf of the entire Manito community, I wish you all a wonderful summer filled with good friends, good families, good memories, and lots and lots of learning.