3-29-20 2ND REMINDER!!

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Although many of you have followed through and granted permission for your child(ren) to live stream with their class effective tomorrow morning (Monday), there are still a number of you that we are hoping will have the opportunity to do so today.

In order to provide remote instruction to your child via live streaming, please visit the parent portal to review the permission statement that will enable your child to participate in Google Meet.

We look forward to seeing your child on Monday morning on Google Meet. If you need assistance entering the portal, please email:

Ms. Sharon Skelley, Skelley@oaklandschoolsnj.org or
Ms. Trish Gannon, Gannon@oaklandschoolsnj.org or
Ms. Allyson Englishman, Englishman@oaklandschoolsnj.org